Wednesday, May 21, 2008

flashback...prom party 1999

No - I did not go to a "real" prom in 1999, but Dave, Theresa and I did have a ridiculously fun party that year... with a prom theme. Tonight I was scanning in some pictures of Dave's old band and found this batch. I threw them together in photo shop and sent it out to the participants I had emails for... too funny. Thought I'd post it here too.

Got to love these things:
  • That Dave's rust colored leisure suit matched my peach puffy dress

  • That I made a hair scrunchy out of a sleeve of said puffy dress

  • That Theresa's dress resembles a crumpled pile of beer cans

  • That Jeff and Missy look like chaperone's

  • That I only had to blur out one ex-girlfriend (and did not do it well, I was in a hurry)

  • And finally, last but not least, you gotta love Carrie as the prego prom goer! If I remember correctly, she had skull earrings and combat boots as well
Ah... to be young again. Dave and I decided that we were probably too old to properly enjoy this type of fun again. Someone has to get up with the kids the next morning, and that takes some of the fun away. And even if we were to do it today, we could not recreate the ambiance of a cheap rental duplex with wood paneling in our lovely dining room and a scary basement "dressed up" with stars hanging from the ceiling and come streamers. Oh yeah - and Kleenex corsages and a "Footloose" styled wall hanging for prom pics!

Good times!

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Thudin said...

We can't figure out who you were trying to blur out - Scott took a look here and remarked that you are "roller coastering" again!