Monday, April 28, 2008

the Dabbler is born

Tada! After months (years?) of lurking and reading other peoples blogs, I've finally decided to start my own. The goal(s) of said blog being twofold...
1) To photo document my family's life - both to share with distant rellies and friends, and to capture for "prosperity", since I have done a terrible job of writing in baby books or even taking pictures with any regularity.
2) To find a place to track my "projects" and thoughts.

Enough said. I'm sure this will either evolve or dissolve over time... we will see!

To start things off - here are my goofy children...showing off a new homemade outfit (love the "pre-smocked" material), as well as some "big boy underpants" (Spiderman, of course).

1 comment:

kthudin said...

Rosie looks cute - love the new do! Also like your rug - very festive!